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bluNews June - July, blue-letter

Same 'ole here... Ahh Summer. It's getting hot outside, but we're getting cooler!

Yahoo! In the past, we mentioned our number one listing on all major search engines for "Polish Advertising Agency", and we were striving to get similar results for "Ethnic Advertising Agency" listing. Well, we think we have done allright. Currently has our links for "Ethnic Advertising Agency" not only as the top one, but as the top four results! All we can say is... YAHOOOOO to that!


3rd issue
We are happy to say that the 3rd issue of our Polish magazine "Twoj Dom" is being printed and will be ready to hit the stands in early July! Check out the Magazyn Twoj Dom website. You can find out more about the magazine, its quarterly content, download advertising information, and subscribe to our publication. Yearly subscription is only $13.


Contractor BBQ Over the past few years we have had many clients which fall under the "Contractor" category. From roofing, copper, construction firms to granite, mural, and demolition companies. We feel that our clients should get a chance to meet up, talk about how great we are, and maybe even network! Additional information will be available soon.

Get your friends Our blue-letter has been steadily growing in the number of readers (1000 business professionals). If you have someone who might benefit from our services, don't hesitate to forward them this letter. And of course newcomers, if you want to sign up, just drop us a line.

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